Unified Communication & Collaboration Integration of the various communication channels requires a versatile architecture that benefits both the individuals and business. Xen’s unified communications solutions manage communication from each channel seamlessly and bridges the communication and collaboration gap in your business. It integrates the various messaging apps, collaboration tools, communication devices, audio- and video-conferencing platforms and enterprise social media networks so that they function smoothly within a single unified environment to meet your business objectives. Xen provides VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), messaging solutions and video solutions to enterprises in Africa to drive effective collaboration. Connect your teams like never before and launch effective campaigns and strategies in full throttle. Xen: Connecting your business communication channels
To synchronize the different communication channels being used by your organization, you need a flexible and robust architecture that are powered to connect all the sources. Xen provides you with specialized support on all of these: Multi-Channel Integration and Collaboration: Integrate the different communication channels of your workplace to deliver efficient, cost effective strategies and operations.
Consolidated and Secure Telephony and Voice: Virtual, Secure and Unified IP voice infrastructure for highly proficient communication platform.
Visual Communications: Speed up and improve the quality of your visual channels to enhance interactions amongst your employees and catalyze your operations.
Improved Conferencing: With reduced telephony and improved audio-video conferencing platform integration comes superior interaction and swift optimal decision making.
Messaging Management: Solutions that look towards deployment and better management of your messaging channels by providing rich messaging capabilities.
Why Xen With Xen’s unified communications support, you will be able to do these and more:
Enhance the quality of your communication elements. Our services are known to boost the messaging, telephony, voice, visual and conferencing channels.
Induce effective team co-ordination and interactions.
Keep everybody in loop with seamless connection from your employees to vendors.
Introduce mobile networking as part of your business network so that your employees can contribute from wherever they are.
Share and make accessible all the multimedia elements on various devices for faultless campaigns.
Improve workspace management by cutting cost and time and integrating your communication channels.






















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